IT Hub Mahatma Gandhi believes in empowering and supporting entrepreneurs and companies, towards providing solutions for the betterment of the society.

We provide possibilities for global entrepreneurs and companies for bilateral collaboration, exchange of ideas & technology for public benefit.

With this it is also now easy for International companies to setup and start their businesses in Bulgaria.

IT Hub Mahatma Gandhi is an association consisting of:

– Tech Park Optela PLC (www.optela.com)

– Private Vocational College Omega Plovdiv Ltd. (www.collegeomega.com)

– IT Academy JSC (www.itakademia.bg)

– Indian Institute of Hardware Technologies – Bulgaria Ltd. (www.iiht.bg)


Why Plovdiv, Bulgaria?

Plovdiv is a city ideal for starting a business in Bulgaria. The city is drawn by unique culture of mentorship, with a high density of entrepreneurs and investors. The good infrastructure here makes the work much easier hence attracting many foreign companies to set up their Bulgarian headquarters here. This year (2019) Plovdiv is The European Capital of Culture.

Plovdiv has become an attraction for foreign investors as it has a very good infrastructure and all the basic necessities for starting a business in Bulgaria. It is only 80 miles away from the capital city of Sofia.

It is still not well known, but Plovdiv actually has one of the lowest income tax rates (10%) and has one of the fastest internet speeds in the world. Plovdiv has also become a strong regional hub (attracting top entrepreneurs) as they’ve been able to access the EU investment funds.


  • Construction of an innovative digital hub of national and international importance on the territory of Plovdiv and transformation of the city into one of the main centers of information technology development in Bulgaria and Europe.
  • Encourage of joint efforts for active participation in digital transformation in Europe and acceleration of the advancement of new technologies such as Artificial intelligence, robotics, block chain programming.
  • Establishment of a sustainable technological link between Plovdiv and Bangalore for technology transfer and joint ventures from Bulgaria and India.
  • Education and IT training through active and project educational institutions in Plovdiv, members of the Association.
  • Development of platforms for block chain technologies and cyber security projects.
  • Introduction of IT projects for regional and international cooperation.
  • Support of the innovative activities of members of the Association through joint use of facilities, shared infrastructures and know-how.
  • Stimulation of the relations between the public and the private sector in the field of information technologies
  • Organization of interviews, round tables, conferences, seminars, webinar on legal and legal issues related to information technologies and computer science.
  • Development of research and development activities with a wide scope of application and accent in the field of informatics and computer sciences.
  • Creation of specialized (real and virtual) libraries of books, magazines and company materials in the field of informatics and computer science.
  • Organization and development of new activities of high importance related to informatics and e-society, lectures and discussions on the technological development of the companies from the real business, getting acquainted with the possibilities for financing from the European Union funds and others.
  • Realization of projects related to the promotion and implementation of information technologies in small and medium-sized enterprises.
  • Insurance of various services and technology solutions in the field of new technologies, digital marketing and management, formation of digital competence and skills.
  • Issue and distribution of periodical and non-periodical publications and online media.
  • Consulting services, development or implementation of projects and programs, conduction of analyses, organization and conduction of trainings, conferences and other events, and any other activity not prohibited by law.
  • Support of the activities of high-tech start-up companies.


Ms. Vaska Georgieva Stoyanova


Mr. Venelin Krasimirov Yordanov


Mr. Rosen Rumenov Gerasimov


The IT Hub Mahatma Gandhi supports foreign companies by:

Providing well equipped ready-to-use office space in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Setting up subsidiary of a company

Connect with key customers and liaison with Government departments to promote business

Supporting in providing/ hiring staff and sales team

Registration, licensing and statutory formalities to setup new company

Help in participating in trade fairs/ exhibitions



Bulgaria, Plovdiv district, Plovdiv municipality,
Plovdiv 4023,

Trakia region,

14, Valko Shopov Str.


Представители на Тех парк Оптела участваха в церемонията по валидиране на новата пощенска марка с лика на Махатма Ганди, по покана на Н.Пр. Посланик Пуджа Капур.


15 август 2019г. Ръководството на Тех парк Оптела АД поднесе поздравителен адрес и цветя на Н. Пр. г-жа Пуджа Капур, по случай 72 години от независимостта на Индия.

IT Hub Mahatma Gandhi and Tech Park Optela will have a stand at pavilion No.10 at The International Plovdiv Fair during The Bulgarian Digital Week (23-28 Sept. 2019)

Ръководството на Тех парк Оптела АД, ИТ хъб Махатма Ганди, и Колеж Омега, на среща с Н. Пр. Посланик Пуджа Капур

Ambassador Pooja Kapur met the Chairman and Board of Omega College Plovdiv to discuss various initiatives in the field of education and cultureMinistry of External Affairs, Government of India Omega College

Second networking day. Incubators and Accelerators Networking Event. Tallin, Estonia. EU-India Innovation Partnership

The second networking event in Tallin, Estonia on May 14-15, 2019 brought together participants who already attended the first networking event  as well as additional incubators and accelerators that have engaged in partnerships since the start of our initiative. The event provided the opportunity to get to know incubators and accelerators from the other region and to continue working on a plan of action to engage in collaborative activities.

Highlights of the event include

  • on-site-visit to Science Park Tehnopol and Lift99 – a unique insight into the dynamic Estonian startup ecosystem
  • various presentations on relevant initiatives such as on Startup Europe India Networkor cooperation opportunities on innovation at EU level
  • multiple sessions in which the participants could individually explore areas of cooperations

During the event, 10 plans of actions between 12 European and 9 Indian incubators and accelerators were developed or refined, including activities such as joint events or staff exchanges. 


Our IT Hub Mahatma Gandhi is taking part today in the Second Networking Event of EU-India Innovation Partnership Network, in Tallinn, Estonia

Най-голямото събитие днес в Естония е Latitude59. Стартъпи и инвеститори.